SETEC´s automatic blow down control system is specially designed  as an extra equipment for steam boilers with unattended operation, so  that the period without attention the blow down are secured. If the  blow down are neglected for a longer period, the concentration of  sludge, salt, and water treatment chemicals for the boiler will heap up  the boiler water. When the water quality demands from the boiler  manufactures instructions, there can be problems as overboiling,  foam and unsteady water level, which can lead to function failure of  the level controllers for low level alarm and the feed water control  systems.   The blow down control system consists of an amplifier box module  type SBD, a blow down valve with pneumatic or electrical actuator.  The amplifier box/regulator type SBD has adjustable functions for  stand­by period (pause) and blow down impulses. The pause function  can be adjusted from 0,5 ­ 12hrs. and the length of the blow down  pulse can be adjusted from 2,5 ­ 60 sec. The blow down valve opens  when the regulator connects the control power 230VAC (Open  impulse) to the electrical actuator or to the solenoid valve, which open  for the compressed air. The blow down ceases when the regulator  disconnects   the   open   impulses   and   instead   connects   closing  impulses to the electrical actuator. The blow down valve with  pneumatic actuator is provided with a spring return systems. When  the regulator disconnects the open impulse to the solenoid valve, the  compressed air is accession to the pneumatic actuator and the spring  in the actuator will close the blow down valve.


Blow down valve (Ball valve) type 323 has threaded connection 1/2″ ­  1. 1/2″, and type 324 has flange connection DN15 ­ DN50 PN40. The  valves can be used for steam boilers with max. working pressure :  2,5MPa.


Blow down valve type 200 (Piston valve) has threaded connection in  dim. 1/2″ ­ 1.1/2″ with valve body made in stainless steel. The valve  are at pressure range PN16. Blow down valve type 273 (Piston  valve) has flange connection DN20 ­ DN50 PN25, the valve body is  made of steel GGG40.3. Blow down valve (Ball valve) type 223 has  threaded connection and type 224 has flange connection in dim.  DN20 ­ DN50 PN40 the valve body is made of steel A150, and can  be used for steam boilers with max. Working pressure: 2,5MPa.

The SBD is approval by Nemko and Det Norske Veritas.