SETEC safety device, cut­off the burner and gives an alarm, when the level falls below the low­low water line. The equipment consists of one electrode and one module type STS with two amplifier units. The electrode determined the level by conductivity measuring. The power supply to the burner is switched off, and an alarm is activated, when the water level falls below the electrode. The module can be reset, after an alarm condition, by using a special key or activating the input for remote resetting. Electronic delay approx. 10 sec. eliminate disturbances from splash and rapid level variation. The instrument has a diagnostic test facility, by means of a test button.


The single electrode type SME 25 with 1″BSP connection and the multi pole electrode type SME 32 with 1. 1/4″BSP connection, can be used in boilers who are provided with an inside water column. The electrode type SEP is mounted in the Setec electrode stand with protection tube and flange connection (Standard dim. DN100 PN40). The electrodes must be mounted vertically, only the single electrode type SME can be mounted horizontally, when the length of the electrode bar not exceed 350mm.


The module is provided with a plug­in connection, and consists of unit for power supply, amplifiers, time delay relays, signal lamps (L.E.D.), test button and a reset lock. The module is produced for panel, wall or rail mounting, and is compensated against variations in the power supply, the conductivity and the ambient temperature. The module is self­checking «FAIL SAFE», even the electrode cable is monitored.

The STS is approval by Nemko, Det Norske Veritas, SAQ­ Sweden and Arbejdstilsynet Denmark.